500Well hello there! In case the domain name didn’t give it away, I’m Nic.

Here is a picture of me trying to look cool by not to looking at the camera while enjoying a day in paradise. But you, good reader, deserve a chance to know what I kinda look like.

I dig the idea of using software as leverage to connect people and resources in the physical world. Services like Airbnb, Lyft, and Upstart are good examples.

I am also interested in the multitude of ways of building applications that need to be used on a growing number of devices and screens. With the proliferation of the “Internet of Things”, that trend is only going to continue.

As a software engineer, I have experience across the full stack, though I prefer working with front end technologies and UI/UX. I like the immediate gratification of seeing fast iterations of what I am working on. I am strong with JavaScript front end MV*s like Angular, Ember, and Backbone.

I have built live streaming and video on demand monetization platforms, hybrid JavaScript cross-platform mobile apps, data visualizations with D3, 3D music visualizers, and also made algorithmic music from various data sources like brainwaves and weather patterns for fun and profit. Ok, not for profit on that last one. Just fun.

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